Jun 10 2012

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Traffic fines, tickets and points in Saudi Arabia

I have received one traffic fine for ‘running a red light’ through ‘Saher’ system. One of my friends informed me that if it repeats once again, the traffic department will suspend my driving license. Is there any possibility for this? Please advice?

Admittedly, number of accidents and fatalities in Saudi Arabia are very high due to reckless and negligent driving of its citizens. Around nine million traffic violations are occurred annually and it leads to SR.13 billions of loss of properties. One death case occurred every one and half hours of a day and 18 deaths per day due to traffic accidents. The number of traffic accidents reached last year was 485931 and resulted death of 6458 people.

To prevent loss of life and property, and improves levels of traffic safety, Saudi Arabia introduced its ‘Saher’ system’ last year. ‘Saher’ is a latest and most advanced technology. It is an automated system for the management of traffic via e-systems covering major cities in Saudi Arabia. ‘Saher’ system uses digital cameras network technology connected to the National Information Center (NIC). It ensures strict, accurate and constant implementation of traffic regulations. It works around the clock.

Saher system is always monitoring the violation by its cameras. If any vehicle violates traffic rules, it takes a picture of the number plate of the vehicle in violation and sent it to the violation process center.  So there is no question of any doubtful authenticity. Then it finds out the information of vehicle owner from the national data base through National Information Center. Once it finds out, and then issues a violation ticket through SMS. The violator can pay the fine through local banks ATM.

Let us come to your query. ‘Running a red light’ is a serious traffic violation from your part and Saudi traffic authorities treats this offence is a category number one offence  among traffic offences. The violator will get a fine of SR.500-900 for this offence apart from 12 traffic points (sometimes  imprisonment also)

When accumulated traffic violation points of the driver’s record reach 24, in a single Hijri year, then his driving license will be suspended for a period of three months. If a violator got 24 points for the second time within one Hijri year, his driving license will be suspended for 6 months and for third time the suspension period will be 1 year. If the driver reached 24 points in a single Hijri year for fourth time, his driving license will be revoked.

For further information some of the traffic violation points are given below for ‘Expat Corner GCC’ reader’s reference.



Violation type

1 Driving under alcohol or drugs influence 24
2 Drifting 24
3 Running the traffic light on red 12
4 Driving a vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic flow 12
5 Maneuvering in high speed between vehicles on public roads 8
6 Failure to comply with the traffic police direction 8
7 Driving a vehicle without brakes or lights 8
8 Failure to completely stop vehicle at stop sign 6
9 Failure to yield to the right-of-way 6
10 Exceeding speed limit (more than 25 KM PH over speed limit) 6
11 Failure to yield to the right – of – way to vehicles coming from the left in roundabouts. 6
12 Passing in areas in which passing is prohibited 6
13 Stopping over railroads 6
14 Driving within unauthorized lines 4
15 Passing school buses when children are boarding or exciting 4
16 Failure to secure (covering and tying up) a transport load 4
17 Carrying out modifications on a vehicle’s chassis or trunk without observing the required procedures 4
18 Failure to use seat belt 2
19 Using mobile phones by hand while driving 2
19 Not wearing a helmet while driving motorbikes 2


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