Jan 07 2012

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Nitaqat: Change of Profession of employees

The first and foremost intention of the Ministry of Labour in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement decision of update ‘profession of employees’ is to put an end to the illegal visa trading and obtain correct data of employees and effective control and monitoring of job market. More than eight million expatriates are working in private sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the recruitment of employees, Ministry issued every visa to a particular establishment or company for the recruitment of employee for a particular profession. That means each and every visa issued to recruit a specific employee for a particular profession mentioned in that visa by the specified company or establishment.

For example, if an employer need an office secretary or an electrician, the ministry issue visa for that category of employee visa to that employer. But the prevailing practice in Saudi Arabia is that many of the paper companies or dummy companies obtained visas and sell it off illegally to the needy companies, persons or intermediaries. They sell the visa to individuals or recruit the employee needed through the available visa irrespective of the profession mentioned in the visa. May be an manager or supervisor  recruited through a labour visa. May be an office secretary recruited on an electrician visa.

Ministry issue work permit on the basis of data’s given by the employers. Most of the employers submitted false data of their employees in regard to their profession. Most of the cases their job in the company is entirely different than the profession in Iqama and work permit. Hence Ministry is not able to effectively monitor the number of employees in a particular profession and job availability or calculate unavailability of any particular employees. There is no accurate data on it.

Now the ministry is decided to collect accurate data of the employee’s profession and position in the Kingdom. This is mainly for effective monitoring and correct data’s and put an end to illegal visa trading as a part of the Nitaqat program implementation. So the ministry informed the employers to correct their profession corresponding to their position and actual job. This can be done through online within a specified time span. In the second stage of Nitaqat inspections, it will be specifically enquired.

Besides, the employers has to reveal all relevant details of their employees. Each and every employee should come under the direct sponsorship of their sponsor’s company. That means an employee must come under the CR of the firm which obtained the visa for recruitment of the same employee. If a sponsor has the ownership of more than one company, the employees must come under the sponsorship of the actual company for which he recruited.

(This type of practices leads to many complications on employees also. As per the rule of Saudi Arabia, employees are not allowed to bring their family here who do not have a non supervisory category profession in his Iqama and supporting certificates. The criterion to decide the supervisory post is the profession mentioned in the Iqama irrespective of their actual position in the company. Once an employee reached here on a visa in a lower category, which will be an end of his dreams in regard to his life along with family in Saudi Arabia. Many expatriate being victimized due to this practice. In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, profession in the Iqama prevail position in the company.)

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